Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally an A rant in ages

Finally, someone has admitted this: "God is not a person". You have to admit that this is progress, we're a little bit closer to "God does not exist" now. I know I've taken that bit out of context but really that's the only bit that's not ridiculous in this story here. In short, a convict tried to sue God.

A Romanian convict doing time for murder tried to sue God for breaking the contract they allegedly concluded at his baptism and not doing enough to protect him from Satan. The public prosecutor turned down the case -- because God does not have a home address.
I'd like to sue who ever educated this idiot. First, you cannot sue something that doesn't exist. Secondly, IF God exists, doesn't he know God is infallible? If he could get in touch with God and God responds with a definite yes (good luck with that really, God never answers yes-no-questions) to attend the trial he would just go: "I'm infallible you morons whom I spawned, what do you have for brains? Dirt? I designed him that way to kill off the idiots who don't know any better and the geniuses who know too much. Only me, the infallible God with boundless wisdom can do that".

And to end this short rant on a high note, there's a surprise in the full post. You know you wanna click on Read More. Really, trust me, you wanna.

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