Saturday, July 21, 2007

Music post no.2: songs to go ga-ga over

Before we get to this week's songs, I have to tell you all about Harry Potter. Nah, I won't ruin it for you people who haven't read it yet. It's a good enough ending I guess. I didn't really enjoy it though. And the reason why I didn't enjoy it has nothing to do with the book. Before I get to the main reason why I didn't enjoy the book there's a fact I need to get out of the way: yesterday was the coldest day in Melbourne since 2000. Or rather it was today's morning that was the coldest morning since 2000. How many people knew that? I didn't but now I know. I didn't think it was cold though. I thought that the whole week had been freezing. I'm glad I'm back in uni now, they are really serious about heating at uni. They turn the heat way up, it was practically tropical in the part of the lecture theatre where I sit.

Anyway, so yesterday and today's morning were freezing, normally I wouldn't mind that. However, I spent the whole night last night up until 2am this morning reading the Harry Potter leak on my computer and the heater in my house just decided yesterday that it would stop working. On the coldest day (so far) of this millennium. Let me tell you, sitting in a room as cold as a freezer (I could see the moisture in my breath in my room last night, it was that cold) to read will impede your enjoyment of anything.

Why did I read the leak you might wonder. Well we bought a copy this morning but then I knew that my sister would want to read it first. Plus, why not finish it before everyone else get their hands on their copy? I think I need to re-read the 6th book, can't remember much about it but Dumbledore dying. And heaps of people died in the last book too. Now that Harry Potter's finished, I'm kinda sad.

And what better way to cheer myself up than some music? Ok, first up, the song that never fails in cheering me up: Rilo Kiley - Frug

And now my favourite songs this week:
Spoon - The underdog
Cloud Cult - A good god

And last but not least, something Bert might like.

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