Monday, July 02, 2007


Another post about nothing in particular, I'm on holiday so what do you expect? You're supposed to do nothing (much) during holidays.

I took up walking again. It first started during the summer holiday through no initiation of my own. My mum made me do it. She was worried that she'd develop a heart condition if she doesn't exercise. She doesn't have any heart condition but she was worried nonetheless. So she started walking and she nagged me to do it. Nagging is annoying and the only way to stop the nagging is just do whatever the nagger wants. So I started walking. It wasn't very fun in summer, nothing but going swimming is fun in the forty-degree heat of the summer. But for winter, it's perfect.

I was feeling restless but too lazy to go out properly so walking solved that. Plus I'm listening to this book while walking. It's a great book but the guy who reads it has this monotone voice that would put you into sleep if you listen to it sitting or lying down. After one week of walking I've noticed this: only old people and mothers of toddlers walk to exercise. Oh yeah, and me. I'm fine with it really, at least I do some sort of exercise instead of planting myself firmly in the couch playing Halo like I did last year. I also found that you should never say hello to people your age while walking.

I'm not usually a friendly person when I walk to and from the train station. How can you be friendly when you're either out of breath because you're running late for the train or fucking pissed-off because of the idiots you have to stand next to on the train home? But when I walk to exercise I'm super friendly, I say hello to the people who walk in the opposite direction as me if they happen to be on the same side of the road. It'd be weird if you say hello to the people on the footpath on the other side of the road. Old people and little kids always say hello back. Even dogs sometimes do too. Of course they do it in a non-verbal way. Mothers of toddlers don't usually say hello back. I think they're too busy either being exhausted by their kids or being worried why suddenly there's this person saying hello to them. They're probably wondering if I have ulterior motives or something. One group of people you should never say hello to is highschool kids. I said hi to a group once and they looked at me like I'm from Mars. Obnoxious highschool kids.

Usually I don't initiate conversation with highschool kids for reason stated above. However, those obnoxious brats always the ones who initiate a sort of one-way conversation that always ends with me being fucking pissed-off. Oh those brats, they think they're so witty. I was in a shopping center a few weeks ago, minding my own business as usual, in walked two highschool chicks (who I was sure were wagging school because they looked too young to be in senior school and it was around 11 am so school couldn't have let out yet). They walked past me, one of them said hello to me in Chinese and the other one busted out laughing. I mean WTF? One way to piss me off is to speak Chinese to me, the other way is to laugh at me for no apparent reason. If I slip, land on my face and someone laughs at me I wouldn't be pissed-off at them, because at least there is a reason for them to laugh.

And then last week, I was walking my usual route, minding my own business as per usual. I walked past 2 guys standing in a corner of a street on the other side of the road. They said hello and waved at me. First I've said this before don't say hello to people you don't know who is on the other side of the road, it's weird but anyway, they initiated it, who am I to not be my friendly self? At least they said it in English. So I waved back and they started laughing. What the fuck is wrong with the young people in the area where I live? Do they all have this affliction to laugh for no apparent reason? The only reason, that I can think of, for their hilarity is that they didn't expect me to wave back at them. Maybe they thought I wouldn't understand the word "hello". Idiots, those two.

Before you ask, I don't do funny waves, I don't even do the retarded waves the royalties do. My wave is so normal usually people ignore it altogether so there is no reason why they should laugh at my wave.

Ok, that's all for now, here are two picture of a dead animal I saw on the footpath while walking. Does anybody know what it is? It's about 6 cm long and it's hairless.

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