Monday, July 09, 2007

Pownce: gender-confused friendly

So I managed to get one of the "highly coveted" invitation to join Pownce. If you're sitting there going "Pownce, what's that?", you're not the only one. I didn't know of its existence until I read a post from a blog that's giving out invitations for Pownce. Apparently, it's a micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter. And if you're going "Twitter, what's that?" like my sister, it's a blogging service like blogger but it's for the ADHD generation. You basically just write one or two sentences per post and you can post as frequently as you like. I thought it would be nice to get a Twitter account a while back but then changed my mind. What the heck am I gonna blog about if I can blog every minute? It might resemble something like this:

5:55am, just woke up, gonna go wash my face
6:00am, finished washing my face and worrying about new zits, gonna get breakfast now
6:30am, finished breakfast gonna get changed to go to uni
7:00am, in the car, omg my mum is listening to nursery rhythms
8:30am, in lecture theatre, gee, we have that bore for biochem YET again

Ok,you get the picture. Seriously, I barely have anyone reading my once or twice a week blog, who would be interested in me enough to read my twitters and I doubt my friends would even be interested in what I do.

Anyhow, back to the topic of Pownce. I thought it would be a nice time to try this micro-blogging thing, besides I like trying web2.0 things when they're in alpha stages. So I signed up with the invitation, the sign up process is simple enough but then I reached the gender questions. Gone were the days when you can give a simple, definitive answer to this question. What I got on the drop down list is this

Huhm, so hard to choose, I didn't know that a chick is a completely different gender from a girl and a lady. And guess what? all of those aren't female either. No wonder why there are so many gender-confused people around these days. For instance, the other day I was at Flinder street station and there was this person walking in front of me. From this person's back I would say that it was a girl/chick/lady/female half the the population. Then the person turned around and it was a guy/dude/gentleman/male. It's just that he was wearing skinny jeans the way girls/chicks/ladies/females usually do, pink, long and tight t-shirt (in winter, gee talking about a case of hypothermia waiting to happen) and flip-flops (I don't want to use the word thongs, which is what we call flip-flops here in Australia because really how can I know if anyone is wearing thongs, the underwear, unless they wear them outside their normal clothes). What made me decided that he was a female was the way he walked. He walked with a prominent sway in the hips like the way female models do.

So the point of all this is to say the whole thing with the dude that looked like a chick is weird and that Pownce should include an option on their registration form for gender-confused people who do not belong to any of the categories they have there already. But then they'll be in the none-of-the-above category.

Back to Pownce, after finally settling my confusion over what exactly is my gender I finally logged on. And what a disappointment was Pownce. It's basically a place where you can share things with your "friends". It's more like a messenger than a micro-blogging platform. And we all know what I think of instant messengers, don't we? Maybe I should make new friends and possibly they can pownce me some leak albums.

That's it for now, before I go though, here's a video (that you might have seen already) that I've just discovered today: What if God had a myspace.

What if God Had a MySpace

Posted Jun 17, 2006

This hilarious video answers the age-old question, "What if God had a MySpace account?"

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