Saturday, May 27, 2006

12 painless way to *cough* litter *cough* evangelize

I found this on,
  1. stuff bill payment envelopes with catholic tracts
  2. volunteer to take charge of your parish literature rack
  3. play a video or audio tape for door-to-door missionaries
  4. place tracts or booklets in the pews at your parish
  5. write and answer messages on your service
  6. go door to door, hanging leaflets from doorknobs
  7. write to the editor when the press misrepresents the faith
  8. place catholic literature on the windshields
  9. give away photocopies of articles from periodicals
  10. send a friend (or a stranger) a book or a tape
  11. call radio talk shows
  12. leave catholic tracts and flyers in conspicuous places.
This sounds extremely like littering to me. Especially number 12 which basically means leave leaflets on trains, trams, buses, public places and pretend that you didn't put it there. And what is with number 1? Stuffing bill payment envelopes with catholic tracts so that people can't throw your tracts out when they've just gotten it out of the mailbox? I don't know about other people but I expect bills in bill payment envelopes, not some tracts from some unverifiable sources.
I have only this to say to those who really want to evangelize: action speaks louder than words. I hate lectures. Especially lengthy lectures on something that can be easily demonstrated.


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