Monday, May 01, 2006

adult underachievement

I was at my local library last week, browsing for fantasy books. Yeah I know, someone's asking if I ever browse for any other genre except fantasy. I do, I read thriller too you know. Anyway, I was browsing at the fantasy shelf then I saw this book "Your own worst enemy" by Kenneth Christian. The title was intriguing so I picked it up. The front page read: "Are you... Stucki in a job you don't love? Always putting off decisions? Reluctant to challenge yourself? If so, you may be... YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY". After one look at the front page I was thinking to myself: "oh my god, I am my own worst enemy. And I was thinking my own worst enemy was another human being with name of [I won't mention it]"
So after I have determined who my worst enemy is by looking at the front page I read on the blurb of the book at the back. It read: "Do any of the following sound familiar to you? Procrastination. Wide swings of mood and self-esteem. Ambivalence in making decision. Paralyzing fear of disappointment. Dreaming big but never following through." Some of those things sound very familiar to me so in the book went to my borrowing basket.
As it turned out, I have a habit of adult underachievement. The book was good for pointing out that to me. It isn't much good for curing me of the habit though. The book was big on making plans and stick to them which is what I can't do. So after speed read the book in half an hour, I came to a conclusion: this book isn't much help.
At least I know what the hell is wrong with me.

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