Saturday, May 13, 2006

the longest pee-pee of all vertabrates

bookshops have all the excitement in the world, especially Borders. The self-help section for example. Just go there one day and you'll see what I mean. No wonder kids have all the ideas about sex these days.
Anyway, take a look at this picture of an Argentine Lake Duck (Oxyura vittata). It looks normal right? Wait till you see what is under the surface.

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The pee-pee of the Argentine Lake Duck (Oxyura vittata) is said to be the longest pee-pee of all vertabrates in relation to its body length. Of course it can't beat the pee-pee of a whale which can measure up to 16 feet if I remember right.

It is said that the extraordinary length of the penis of this duck is the result of competitive pressure. The penis is that size because in this species it is used to scrape (literally) the sperm, of previous matings between the female duck with other males, from the female duck. Some competition huh?

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