Friday, May 12, 2006

Shit happens

Me, C. and A. went to the poster sale @ Melbourne uni this afternoon. The highlight of the sale, for me is this poster.

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Funny isn't it? And it's true too.
If you can't read that, follow this link. Or read below:

TAOISM - if you understand shit, it isn't shit.

HINDUISM - this shit happened before.

CONFUCIONISM - confucious says "shit happens."

BUDDHISM - shit will happen to you again.

ZEN - what is the sound of shit happening?

ISLAM - if shit happens, it is the will of allah.

SIKHISM - leave our shit alone.

JEHOVA'S WITNESS - knock knock. shit happens.

ATHEISM - i don't believe this shit.

AGNOSTICISM - can you prove that shit happens?

CATHOLICISM - if shit happens, you deserve it.

PROTESTANTISM - shit happens, amen to that.

JUDAISM - why does shit always happen to us?

ORTHADOX JUDAISM - so shit happens, already.

TELEVANGELISM - send us money or shit will happen to you.

RASTAFARIANISM - let's smoke this shit.

HARE KRISHNA - shit happens rama rama.

NATION OF ISLAM - don't take no shit.

NEW AGE - visualize shit happening.

SHINTOISM - you inherit the shit of your ancestors.

HEDONISM - i love it when shit happens.

SATANISM - sneppah tihs.

CAPITALISM - this is my shit.

FEMINISM - men are shit.

EXISTENSIALISM - what is shit anyway?

SCIENTOLOGY - if shit happens, see dianetics p.137.

MORMONISM - excrement happens(don't say shit).

BAPTISM - we'll wash the shit right off you.

MYSTICISM - this is really wierd shit.

VOODOO - shit doesn't just happen, we made it happen.

DISNEYISM - bad shit doesn't happen here.

SURREALISM - fish happens.

CYNICISM - we are all full of shit.

TANTRISM - fuck this shit.

HIP-HOP - motherfuck this shiznat beeatch.

STATISTICIAN - shit is 84.7% likely to happen.

AMERICANISM - who gives a shit.

ENVIRONMENTALISM - shit is biodegradable.

FATALISM - oh shit, it's going to happen.

VEGETARIANISM - if it happens to shit, don't eat it.

MATERIALISM - whoever dies with the most shit wins.

FAMILY GATHERING - relatives are shit.

EINSTEIN - shit is relative.

POLITICALLY CORRECT - internally proccessed,

NUTRITIONAL - drained biological output happens.

DOG - i just shit in your shoe.

CAT - dogs are shit.

MOUSE - oh shit, a cat!

ACUPUNCTUARIST - hold still or this will hurt like shit.

LAWYERS - for enough money i can get you out of shit.

FREUD - shit is a phallic symbol.

DESCARTES - i shit therefore i am.

SHAKESPEAREAN - to shit or not to shit, that is the question.

TREKISM - to boldly shit where no-one has shit before.

OPTIMISM - shit won't happen to me.

SUICIDAL - i've had enough of this shit.

AMISH - modern shit is useless.

DARWINISM - survival of the shittiest.

PSYCHO-ANYLYSIS - tell me about your shit.


MARXISM - you have nothing to lose but your shit.

COMMUNISM - let's share the shit.

WICCA - you can make shit happen but shit will happen to you three times.

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