Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This post is again, related to "the Da Vinci Code". Why do I keep writing abot stuff related to the damn book? I don't know, it's all people wants to read/know these days, just getting my share of the hype I guess.
Anyhow, I went googling for "the da vinci code". There were some very interesting results from the search. Do you know there's a "the da vinci code quest" running by Google? That was news to me. However, the most interesting result for my search was this page from The page gave a new meaning to "unbiased". And the article is called "cracking the da vinci code". That sounds awefully like one of the book I saw somewhere some time ago. Anyway, here's an excerpt of the page.

Why should a Catholic be concerned about the

Although a work of fiction, the book claims to be meticulously
researched, and it goes to great lengths to convey the impression that it is
based on fact. It even has a "fact" page at the front of the book underscoring
the claim of factuality for particular ideas within the book. As a result, many
readers-both Catholic and non-Catholic-are taking the book's ideas

The problem is that many of the ideas that the book promotes
are anything but fact, and they go directly to the heart of the Catholic faith.
For example, the book promotes these ideas:

  • Jesus is not God; he was only a man.
  • Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
  • She is to be worshiped as a goddess.
  • Jesus got her pregnant, and the two had a daughter.
  • That daughter gave rise to a prominent family line that is still present in
    Europe today.
  • The Bible was put together by a pagan Roman emperor.
  • Jesus was viewed as a man and not as God until the fourth century, when he
    was deified by the emperor Constantine.
  • The Gospels have been edited to support the claims of later Christians.
  • In the original Gospels, Mary Magdalene rather than Peter was directed to
    establish the Church.
  • There is a secret society known as the Priory of Sion that still worships
    Mary Magdalene as a goddess and is trying to keep the truth alive.
  • The Catholic Church is aware of all this and has been fighting for centuries
    to keep it suppressed. It often has committed murder to do so.
  • The Catholic Church is willing to and often has assassinated the descendents
    of Christ to keep his bloodline from growing.
Catholics should be
concerned about the book because it not only misrepresents their Church as a
murderous institution but also implies that the Christian faith itself is
utterly false.

Should other Christians be concerned about the

Definitely. Only some of the offensive claims of The Da
Vinci Code
pertain directly to the Catholic Church. The remainder strike at
the Christian faith itself. If the book's claims were true, then all forms of
Christianity would be false (except perhaps for Gnostic/feminist versions
focusing on Mary Magdalene instead of Jesus).

After reading this I was thinking. Dan Brown is a lucky guy. He's getting off on the wrong foot with the Catholic Church, not some Islamic organisation. At least Catholics don't believe in killing people for blasphemy against their God.
So THAT was interesting. What I saw next was even more intriguing, in the library section of there is a page on gay marriage. Now, what did I know about the stance of the catholic church on the issue of gay marriage? Well, I thought they don't approve of it. After having read the above mentioned page, I was none the wiser. The page quoted numerous quotes from biblical texts, (unbiased? who?) and basically said that the catholic do not approve of gay marriage. However, they're not homophobic. The church disapproves of gay marriage because it only approve heterosexual marriages.

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