Monday, May 08, 2006

the hype continues

I suppose now everyone knows what's gonna come out on May 18th. Yes, "the Da Vinci Code". If someone hasn't heard of that damn book by now, he/she must be living in a hole for the last 2 years. I'm not a very big Da Vinci fan myself. True I read the book. I was curious why on earth everyone on the train carried a copy of that book so I read. It was intriguing enough, the book I mean. Made the Catholic church look bad and all. However, the hype for the up coming movie is just too big. It's getting annoying. First there was the posters, then the annoying trailers since Christmas. And now, bookshops are plagued with The-Da-Vinci-Code-related books. Take a look at all these books I encoutered in Borders last week.

Firstly, there's the unauthorised biography of Dan Brown. What the hell? Why would someone bother writing a biography of someone else and not be authorised to write it?

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And then there's the controversial "Holy blood and the Holy Grail book". If you haven't been living in a hole for the past year, you'll know what I'm talking about. And all sort of unauthorised Da Vinci code breaker or whatever.

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And this is not a very new thing. The Da Vinci Code board game. What's next? the Da Vinci Code guide to great sex?

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And then there's the The-Da-Vinci-Code-ish books.

I mean come on! Everyone's gonna be sick of this conspiracy theory by Christmas. I suppose I should hurry up and write my own the-da-vinci-code-ish book I talked about last week too. Before the end of this hype.

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