Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something to do with the Da Vinci Code at last: Dan Brown doesn't know sh*t

I'm pretty sure by now everybody has either read the damn book or rushed to see the movie which isn't that good anyway. If you haven't done either and planning on doing one or both of those (reading or seeing the movie) there is spoilers ahead in this. Don't read on. The rest of you. Read on.
In the book/movie, Professor Langdon was supposedly bugged with tiny GPS transmitter "dot" that is accurate to 2m. Apprently, at the moment the smallest GPS transmitter is nowhere near that size. Way bigger in fact. Hence the myth of GPS dot is completely busted. Dan Brown doesn't know shit about GPS.
Secondly, said GPS transmitter was supposedly thrown out of a toilet after having been stuffed into a bar of soap taken from said toilet. Now, where can you go and find a bar of soap in a toilet these days? Has Dan Brown heard of liquid soap in those liquid soap dispenser that is much more hygienic?  Certainly not the Lourve. Even if there is a bar of soap in the Lourve, I suppose it is on displayed somewhere NOT in the toilet. Hence second myth busted. Dan Brown doesn't know shit about soap.
Want to know more proof of Dan Brown doesn't know shit. Go to this page on Howstuffworks


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