Monday, August 13, 2007

I feel GOOD!

Even though I really shouldn't be feeling good about myself when I find out that some people failed in the exams that I passed. But those facts make me feel good for a change and really those people who failed, well some of them deserved it.

Last week I found out that this chick, who has never failed to stop talking during lectures, failed one of her exams. It took everything in me not to say "Duh!" right to her face. Really, this is probably karma at work here or maybe it's God undoing all the injustices in the world. OR the reason can just simply be the fact that humans can't talk about fingernail polish and listen to academic lectures at the same time.

Today, I found out that another chick (let's call her No.2) failed in a subject that I really hate last semester and have been counting my blessings ever since I found out that I passed it. What makes this so satisfying is that No.2 has always felt like a cocky, patronising um... person (I don't want to use "bitch" so "person" will have to do). There's nothing wrong with being cocky if you're good enough to warrant cockiness. But being cocky for no reason is just plain stupid. No.2 has always given out this patronising vibe every time she's around me with all the "I'm so good because I went to a private school and did IB instead of doing VCE in a public school like you" undercurrent. I just thought I was being my usual hypersensitive, over-analysing self again but Pencil Chewing Boy agreed with me (phew, I didn't make up this "vibes" business in my head then). We even went as far as hi-fiving each other when we found out that she had to sit a supplementary exam for the hated subject. I guess I wasn't over-analysing after all.

But then again, she could just be revising her notes because she likes the subject so much, it's not like everyone hates this subject with as much passion as I did do. That chance is pretty slim though. Who would be revising notes on a subject that he/she will never have to do again on a week really close to the Supp exam week? I'll go with the option that makes me feel good. I'm not saying that No.2 deserves to fail it's not like she talks like a machine gun in every lecture. It just makes me feel good when someone I don't like fails at something. Gee, now I feel kinda juvenile.

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