Friday, August 31, 2007

August music

August has been a rather exciting month. I've bought another iPod since the other one is on the verge of dying. Not dead yet, I need to change the battery for that old one. Anyway, the new iPod means more music listening without running out of battery. That and the fact that I've developed a kind of musical ADHD means that I've got a very long list of music that I listen to this month. So here goes a list/review of albums that I've been listening to this month. I tried in the past (read: last month's post) to provide links to where you can get links to where you can get some free (and thus illegal) mp3's but Hype Machine (hint, hint: where you can get free sample mp3s) is acting like a bitching diva at the moment so no links this time around. There are some links to Youtube videos though, enjoy!

The old fave's new albums:
The New Pornographers - Challengers
Pop isn't a dirty word, that's what I learned this year. If you want good pop, just go look for The New Pornographers or Tegan & Sara (yeah, I just had to plug my 2nd favourite band in wherever I can). Back to The New Pornographers, this album's just been released this month but the leaked version of it has been lying around the net (and my ipods) for a few months at least. My first thought after the first listen months ago was "wow, that was boring". However this is one of those album that gets better after repeated listens. I like it enough to get myself a physical copy when it came out in Australia so I'd say it's really good.
my rights versus yours

Rilo Kiley - Under the blacklight
One of those highly anticipated release of the year (if you like Rilo Kiley's previous albums that is) and for a good reason too. This album frustrated me quite a bit. It didn't leak until 2 or 3 days before the release date (a truly great feat if you ask me). All I heard of the album before the leak were the first 2 singles: The Moneymaker and Silver Lining. The Moneymaker didn't do much for me, I thought it was below average. Silver Lining is a different story, that song made me go searching for leaks for the whole day. What can I say? I like the hand claps, the guitar tracks and everything about that song. Sweet album,
Silver Lining (video)
The Moneymaker (video)

Eisley - Combinations
Another CD that just didn't leak! I've known about Eisley for a while now but I don't listen to them much until I heard the first single off of this CD: Invasion. The whole CD wasn't that great, unfortunately. Sounds like Room Noises episode number 2 to me but then again I don't like them that much so it might just be my uninitiated ears. Should be a hit with the die-hard fans.
Invasion (video)

The recent discoveries that has been on heavy rotations:
Bat for lashes - Fur and Gold
I can't believe I like this album. My brain can only comes up with "weird" when I try to describe this album. No make it "really weird". But hell it's good.
Horse and I (video)

Helios - Eingya
This one is a totally random find. I subscribe to a whole bunch of blogs that give out links to full album downloads on rapidshare and yousendit. I get links for about a dozen of new & old albums everyday in my google reader, that's how I keep track of all the leaked albums. Anyway, I got the link for this one ages ago and thought that the album cover looks interesting, kinda manga-ish. So the link sat there in my Google Reader for a few weeks and one day when I was messing around at uni waiting to continue my life once I get home, I decided to check it out. I was blown away. This stuff is good. Weird but good. Really good background music to study to since it's all instrumental.

The Wombats

I don't remember how I got into this band but I'm pretty sure the first song I heard was "Kill the Director". They have a bunch of songs out and I like them because they kick-start my brain in the morning. If you see me particularly cheerful at 8.30 AM going into Micro lecture, that's possibly the result of The Wombats' songs.
Backfire at the disco (youtube)
Moving to New York

Voxtrot - Voxtrot
I have a thing against self-title albums. Are the artists so limited in creativity that they can't think of an meaningful title for their album? Or are they just out of steam once they've finished recording? Anyhow, really good, album. Not as good as their EPs but still good. No real standout favourite so far. Just listen to the whole thing. Go to their myspace or their page for some free stream.
Free and legal downloads:
The start of something
Mothers, sisters, daughters & wives

The good-but-I've-ran-out-of-steam-so -I'll-write-about-this-later:
The Klaxons - Myths of the near future
Caribou - Andorra
LoveLikeFire - An ocean in the air EP
Kisschasy - Hymns for the non-believer
The dears
Wolf parade
Midnight Juggernauts - dystopia
Plain white T's

The recommended-by-friends:
UNKLE - War stories
Suggested by Pencil Chewing Boy, checked it out a while ago but wasn't terribly impressed. I was way into The Faint then and no-one can distract me from The Faint. Anyway, UNKLE got mentioned to me by Crazy Lecture Note Doodler the other day so I gave it another listen.
Favourite track: Key to the kingdom

Tool - 10,000 days
Bert's recommendation, one tough cookie to chew. I would have gotten into this if someone had suggested it back in year 11 when I was into Metallica.
Favourite tracks so far:

  • Jambi
  • Wings for Marie

And the overhyped
MIA - Kala
It seemed like every mp3 blogger and every music reviewer loves this album. I wasn't gonna check this stuff out because of one name that got associated with this CD: Timbaland. That guy is some sort of hip hop producer/artist and I have been avoiding hip hop ever since I fell off the hip-hop bandwagon at the end of year 10. I hate the hip hop culture, I hate the blings, I hate the ridiculous dancing I don't hate some of the tunes though, I must admit some are really really catchy. So naturally when I see anything that got stamped with the name Timbaland I avoid it. But all the hype got to me and I caved in. First listen: What the hell is so special about this? Second listen: Definitely some interesting tunes, especially on Jimmy and Hussel but definitely not worth the hype.

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