Sunday, August 19, 2007

A whole week in one post. I'm funny and awesome.

Featuring in this post. These people's names (excluding Bert's he chose his name himself) had been changed to protect my identity and for comic effects (if you don't find these names funny, what is wrong with your sense of humour?). Please rest assured that none of your pictures taken by my crappy mobile phone that shows your faces will be posted on this blog. Again, to protect my identity. If I do put your pictures up, they will be photoshopped with your choice of celebrity body-double. Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid.

  • Crazy lecture note doodler. She earned this name because she doodles on lecture notes instead of taking notes sometimes. She also doodles on other people's notes. I'm only using "doodle" for lack of other word that means "sneaking in and scratch a line here and there and sometimes a phrase on other people's notes". She wrote "{insert my real name} is a sexy punani" in red on my notes just last week.
  • Taken-girl. She plays Tekken and she's taken even though she hasn't stopped hitting on other people me included.
  • Bert. No introduction needed.

I'm combining posts again because as Taken-girl pointed out on Friday. I don't wanna do one for everyday coz that makes me look like I don't have a life.

Monday - short and sweet
Short because I had only one lecture so my day finished at 9.30am. Sweet because I found out about that girl having to sit the supp exam. Nothing alleviates one's feeling of inadequacy like finding out that there are people doing worse. Sweet!

Tuesday - Intoxicated people lose touch with reality
What is with people chroming on public transport? To be precise, what is with people chroming on route 19 Tram going into the city? I've only seen people chroming three times in my life and all of the three times had been on a tram, two of them on a route 19 tram. Granted that I've only been catching public transport in Melbourne for 4 years and I need to increase my sample size before I can conclude that there is a relationship between tram route and chroming incidences here but there should be an explanation for this. Bert catches the tram more often than I do and he hasn't seen any chromer.
Back to the topic, from all three of my chromer-observing experiences, I came to a conclusion that people who are high on whatever gas that is in the spray paint can lose touch with reality, and/or becoming increasingly paranoid AND you should NOT aggravate them by staring at them or commenting on the smell of paint if you happen to sit near them. The first chromer I saw belong to the lose touch with reality category. She didn't give a shit that it's a packed tram and just chromed away at the back of the tram. One quesion comes to mind now, do you get any higher if you do it in public? Coz I heard someone somewhere said that if they had sex in public places they had better sex, does it work for taking drug? The second chromer abused the shit out of everyone around him, so much so that half the the tram got off or ran to the front part of the tram to sit near the driver. Like the driver would have done anything if the chromer decided to go on a killing rampage! The last and latest chromer didn't do anything much except for taking a whole bench for himself and flashed everyone his ass (unintentionally) when he stood up to leave.

Wednesday - Bert fixated on BDSM
Bert read the whole of this in-depth investigation into a BDSM community in Fitzroy. I didn't read it coz it was too long and Bert was hogging my newspaper anyway.

Thursday - Bacteria are your friends
Just that, bacteria are your friends treat them with the right agar plate, they are the only culture some people have.

Friday - I am funny
I always knew that I'm funny but on Friday I got confirmation that I'm seriously funny. I'm pretty sure my friends were laughing at me though. Some moments from the conversation between Me, Bert, Crazy lecture note doodler, and Taken-girl.

Crazy lecture note doodler:
Do you get picked up from the station?
Nah, I'm too lazy, I can't be bothered calling my dad so I walk home.
Crazy lecture note doodler:
yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense.

Crazy lecture note doodler:
You have a blog? What's the address?
(point to Bert) He's got it. (point to Taken-girl) She's got it. (point to Crazy lecture note doodler and say dramatically) You don't have it.
Laughter ensued from all parties involved
I swear, it feels like you're on antidepressant this year.

Saturday - Intoxicated people do crazy things
We've concluded above that intoxicated people lose touch with reality right? Well, on Saturday I learned a new thing, they also do crazy things or rather, in my case, do something against my nature.
I drank yesterday. I don't usually consume alcoholic drinks. In fact the last time I did was 2 years ago. I didn't get drunk yesterday, really you have to be tiny to be drunk on only one beer but I think that beer did something to me. I'm not antisocial, I just don't like people. Ok, let me rephrase, I don't like to be in an enclosed places with lots of people like a concert or a packed train. Packed train can't be helped if I want to get home early enough to walk home so I tolerate it. But concerts were totally out of the question for me. WERE. Until yesterday that is.
So the short version of this story is that I decided to go to a concert after I had a beer at dinner. I had decided earlier in the week that I would not go but I changed my mind. Looks like I'll be seeing Tegan and Sara in December!

Sunday - Take that calculation module assessment quiz!
It couldn't be the beer this time. I had planned on putting off doing this quiz for as long as I can possibly can but I went on MUSO this morning and felt impulsively ready. Guess what I got. 100%! Yeah, I'm awesome!
P.S. No I'm not, the freaking quiz that I was losing very little sleep over was ridiculously easy. It took me 30 minutes to do it extremely slowly and triple check every calculations. Now I can catch up on the little sleep that I've lost worrying about that quiz.

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