Sunday, August 12, 2007

Music video of the week

There are 2 ways for a music video to make it to my 'music video of the week' post. It can either completely blow my mind away by its brilliance, which is a very rare event. Or it can be one big fat WTF. Guess how this next clip makes it to this post.

Editors - An end has a start

There is music that you can dance to and there is music that you can't. I guess this one belongs to the latter. It's an awesome track from an album that I like but this music video is just too fracking creepy. It's not the music, it's not the weird stretching routine the main singer did during the song, it's not even the strange the lighting or the really strange stripe t-shirt the guitarist wore, it's the dancing. It looks like something some zombies from "28 Days later" would do if they're high on whatever zombies get high on, probably blood. The makeup on those dancer didn't help either.

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