Saturday, August 04, 2007

A week

I know I've disappeared for a whole week. I planned to post every other day but like the things I usually plan, it never goes according to plan. I've pretty much decided to stop posting downloadable music on my blog since that would be inviting trouble and unwanted (and unneeded) harassment upon myself. I will continue to post streamable music that I like from Youtube and other sources and maybe point you towards the mp3 blogs that host downloadable files where possible.
On with today's post then, I thought it would be fun to post about my week. If I can remember it at all.

Monday - Shocked and appalled by fake tan
Monday, monday, monday. Weird, I can't remember much about Monday except for a horrible fake tan this girl sported. Actually, I'm not even sure it's a fake tan but anyone who looks positively orange in the middle of winter can be assumed to have been having fake tan applied right? Or a very bad case of Jaundice. Wait then she'd be yellow not orange. Anyway, I was shocked and rather appalled that anyone would want to look burnt at all. What is this fascination with looking tanned? It doesn't mean you have a healthy lifestyle or anything, it just means that you spend a lot of time outdoors and, off the top of my head, the only profession that require anyone to stay outdoors a lot is a bricklayer. Do you wanna look tanned like a brick layer? No.

And a tan in winter? When it's freezing. There are 2 things wrong with this scenario.
1. You can't possibly get a real tan in winter in Melbourne because: a. It's frakking cold, you don't even want to get out of the house let alone showing any skin to the sun. And b. Assuming you're mental enough to go sunbathing, there wouldn't be any sun to bathe in in Melbourne.
2. Why get a tan when you're gonna wear winter clothes over your tan anyway? And this will probably go off the topic a bit but the girl who was sporting the fake tan was wearing clothes that aren't very suitable for Melbourne winter. Frankly her clothes would be totally appropriate in Brisbane or Darwin now. Anyhow, she might have a hot body who knows? I mean hot as in temperature-hot and hence explains the skimpy outfit in winter to cool herself down. Or maybe the skimpy outfit was just to show off a ridiculous tan.
I don't know but I think I've rambled too much on this topic. It was Monday ok? If I didn't think about the above I would be sleeping through the whole day.

Tuesday - I feel like a sheep
It's not everyday that you feel like you don't have any opinion whatsoever. Or even if you do have an opinion it just seems so manipulated by the media. I think I've got an epiphany of sorts on Tuesday. It was all brought about by the Haneef case.

If you're Australian and know about the Haneef case, feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph. And if you're an Australian and has been living under a rock this past month or don't know who the hell is this Haneef case, read on. Basically, Haneef was an Indian doctor working in the Gold Coast (if I remember right) who was arrested trying to get out of Australia after a failed terrorist attack in the UK. He's a distant cousin of the terrorist and he left his SIM card (for whatever crazy reasons) with his cousins in the UK when he visited them last year.

When I first heard of Haneef's arrest on TV news I jumped straight to the conclusion that he was definitely a terrorist (yeah, whatever happens to "innocence until proven guilty" huh?). But then the whole SIM card thing boiled over and I started to think that he's in fact innocent. And then new "information" would surface about his suspicious online chatting with his brother. What I'm trying to say is a person can only change his/her mind so many times. After the third time I changed my mind I felt manipulated by the media in general. Which is why I made up my mind to carry a ton of salt with me at all times and also restock my skepticism pills.

So is Haneef guilty or innocent? Personally, I don't know. This might just be another Children over-board hype to distract voters from the shit-hole that the current government is burying itself in. In election year no less!

Wednesday - Shocked and appalled by skanky-ass eight-year-old girl
Wednesday, I realized that I am bombarded/surrounded with tiny eight-year-old real life simulations of Paris Hilton. Complete with moronic blond hair, high heel boots, tiny tiny singlets and skirts (in winter) that can barely cover their non-existent humps, slutty walk and let's not forget to mention the must have accessory: a chihuahua.

Ok, I over-exaggerated a bit. There was only one kid and she wasn't holding a chihuahua. But the rest of the above paragraph is an honest, professional amateur blogger observation. I was understandably shocked because who would want to imitate Paris Hilton? True she's only a kid who doesn't know anything or anyone better but I was shocked. I shouldn't be as there are grown women who look up to Paris as their role model too (possibly the chick with the fake tan from Monday). I was appalled because why would a mother let her kid do that to herself?

Thursday - most hated day of the week + iPod went crazy = "best" day of the week
I hate Thursday. It's not because of the day or anything, it's just what I have on the day. Practical sessions for my most hated subjects. It went well this week, I almost start to like this Thursday until my iPod went crazy and declared that it's out of battery when it clearly wasn't.
Luckily, I have my other mp3 players with me so the drive home wasn't that bad/quiet. Once I got home I went to investigate why my iPod went crazy. It's an old iPod, I've had it for a little more than 2 years now so it might just be the age. I came across someone who said that when your iPod does what mine did you should erase all the music in your ipod and reset it. So I did. It went back to normal. However, I underestimated the time it would take to reload all the music back to my iPod. It took an hour to transfer music back on the iPod and it wasn't all the music I had on there before I embarked on erasing the iPod.

Right now, I'm feeling that 20Gig is not big enough. When I first got my iPod I thought I would never fill it up but now I feel like I need 80Gig of memory for all my songs. That's what having an iPod does to you. You have this uncontrollable urge to collect songs that you never listen to more than once from bands you don't even like that much. Even though you don't listen to all the songs on your iPod you don't want to delete them because you keep saying to yourself that I'll get to listening to them one day so what's the point in deleting?

So my point, if I had one to begin with, is that I want another iPod that I don't really need. Which is why I will not get another iPod.

Friday - one word: a w e s o m e
It shouldn't be awesome but it was. Friday is a day that I have 6 hours of chemistry practical (which I like). This week's prac involved synthesising p-Aminobenzoic Acid which at one point during the very long, convoluted prac I have to filter this thick dark brown solution that looks like chocolate at the start but ended up looking like dog shit after all the liquid was sucked out of the solution.
Which made this Friday awesome was an unplanned dinner and movie with my cousin in the city. We went to a Chinese restaurant where the owner spoke Chinese to us which we can totally understand by the way. We saw the Simpsons movie which was awesome.
Bert got to talk to my little sister, they seemed to have gotten on like a house on fire seeing that they're both spoilt youngest siblings.

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