Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random pictures pulled from my phone

Self explanatory title. I guess I can get lazier with posting. This is what I use my mobile phone for, entertainment when waiting for various things (Usually the bus or someone) and an iPod is not sufficient entertainment.

Taken today, while waiting in the car for my mum who said that she'd be in and out of the supermarket in 2 minutes since she's only getting a packet of salt. It turned out that "one packet of salt" turned into "one packet of salt, one packet of sugar, 2L of olive oil, some cookies and breakfast cereal" and a "2 minute" wait turned into a "half hour" wait.

Taken a few months ago. If you can't make out what it is I took a picture of, it's a full on purple car. PURPLE! Who would wanna drive a purple car? Willy Wonka? I took this picture partly because of the ridiculously painted car and partly because the train driver decided that he wanted to take a 15 minute chit chat break one station away from the station I get off. The train was late to start with and the train driver stopped for 15 minute to smoke ant chat. I counted the minute (which was 15) and the number of cigarette to smoked (which was 2). Irresponsible is an understatement.

I don't know what is the name of this organism so I'm not gonna try. It looks like it likes to attach itself to the glass panel and eats stuff off the panel.

Totally random picture I took last year of the roof at Caufield Race course before an exam.

Bus stop at 6:30pm mid-winter with no street light. Bored and the bus was late.

The sky from under the bus stop shelter. Possibly autumn last year. Bored and guess what? the bus was late.

Electricity lines and a patch of sky. From the bus stop again. Summer. Bored with the ever-late bus.

Taken today. I'll call this the epitome of laziness. Too lazy to copy stuff down and too lazy (and too stingy) to go 10m away to the photocopier.

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