Sunday, August 05, 2007

July CDs roundup: best month of the year so far

New releases wise, this month has been huge so without further here are my favourite releases in alphabetical order with extremely short review from me. Recommended songs are linked to Hype Machine where you can stream the song. My connection isn't very good for uploading and I don't want to mess with copyright law.

Against Me! - New Wave
My introduction to the band and I like it. Not as much screaming as their previous albums which I don't like as much.
Favourite tracks:
Thrash Unreal
White people for peace (video)
Also, check out From her lips to God's ears from their old album

Bishop Allen - The broken string
Again, a brand new band for me. I heard the first track from their album and I love it, and the rest of the album. The whole album has this kinda mellow and cute poppy sound to it. Really, when anyone starts writing songs for/about a piano they literally picked up off the street it's gotta be cute. The album feels very summer to me (which is good in this winter weather)
Favourite tracks:
The monitor (not album version but still awesome)
Corazon (again, not album version, these guy recorded 4 album worth of EPs last year and picked the hits to put on this album so there're a ton of their EP songs floating around)

Editors - An end has a start

I think I raved a bit about this band last month already. They sound like a cross between Interpol & Coldplay to me.
Favourite tracks:
An end has a start
The racing rats

Garbage - absolute garbage
My favourite band back in year 12. What can I say, it's their greatest hits collection so it's great. The only new song sounds OK. If you're already a fan you'll love this album, if you're not the you won't. Hopefully they won't break up.
Tell me where it hurts

Gogol Bordello - Super taranta!
I posted a video of this band last Sunday already and so far Bert likes it. I don't know why I decided to check these guys out but it wasn't because of the song they did with Madonna for Live Earth. The whole album is pretty much crazy gypsy/punk rock tunes that make you wanna jump up and down crazily on your bed.
Wonderlust king
supertheory of supereverything

Interpol - Our love to admire
One thing you can be sure about Interpol is that they're always the same. It might be a good thing as is in the case of this album, there's enough variations to make me wanna listen to this over and over again. Not enough bass on this CD.
Pioneer to the falls
No I in threesome

Spoon - Ga ga ga ga ga
One very strange album. I don't know why it feels that way to me but I like it big time. At first listen it was just a pretty average album to me but then the tunes stuck in my head. And that was after only one listen. After about 10 listens, I was going gaga for this band.
The underdog
Rhythm & soul
You got yr. cherry bomb

Tegan and Sara - The con
I'm too biased to give this a fair review. I adore this band and this is positively the best album of the year so far (I told you I'm biased). That's all I'm gonna say.
Burn your life down
Hop a plane
The con

Yeah yeah yeahs - Is is EP
Short and sweeet (like this review)
Down boy

Other releases that's worth a mention too

The enemy - We'll live and die in these towns

A pretty good album. I would have liked it much better had I not been distracted by all of the above albums already. I'll give it a few more listen before I can recommend songs.

Sum 41 - Underclass hero

This album reminds me of their old albums which I liked a lot back in year 11. They sound exactly the same on this record which is fine by me. Some of the songs sound like they're trying to rip off their old songs. Interpol at least tried to vary their sounds and experimented a bit. Sum41's new album is just too unvaried. I'm better off listening to Chuck I guess.

Korn - Untitled

Again, another of my Year 11 favourite band. I went through this whole hard rock phase back in year 11. This album is too normal, not what I expected out of Korn. It sounds like they're trying to cash in with the whole environmental awareness thing. I like it but it's just not good enough.

And on a completely unrelated but related note: here's the new single from the Foo Fighters. New album's coming soon I think. By the sound of this single, it's gonna be great plus rumour has it that they'll be trashing Emo bands on one of their song.

Foo fighter - The Pretender

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